The American Hustler Journey..

Lee Brett the founder of American Hustler had always wanted to make an apparel brand that was American made, the highest quality and the quintessential apparel line for Hustler’s around the world.

Everyone in life has had to hustle at some point. Hustlers are determined, they are driven to make their dreams and goals a reality.

Fast forward to 2015 and American Hustler was born. If you look at the logo it looks like a railroad, this represents the journey that you go on, to achieve the dreams or goals you are determined to achieve.

American Hustler is a premium clothing brand and is American made, we source all of our products here in America.

Our aim is to support the American economy and have the best product made in America for the consumer to buy, let’s support this great nation in making it great again.

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  • What we’re about

    We decided to start American Hustler so players can wear stylish apparel, in and out, of the pool hall. With premium products we only supply the best to help your game improve.

    Premium quality shirts made in the USA at an affordable price. We guarantee we have the best quality tees in the industry, you can feel the difference in our shirts.

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