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American Hustler – The story behind the brand
By: Michell Monk
Never Quit!
In a society that does not support bullying, large corporations will always use money and status to
monopolize smaller entities.
Lee Brett; a professional pool player and highly sought-after instructor for the world’s largest pool
league, battled this exact situation.
After a car accident that left him injured and unable to work, Lee received a settlement and
brainstormed a new clothing brand, “American Hustler” in 2014. Originally planned for the pool playing
industry, his vision has now grown to be a lifestyle brand across the globe, for the hustler who never
quits!. But this was not met without pressure from a larger entity. Larry Flynt, known for the Porn
Magazine Hustler, along with his team of lawyers, began bullying Lee to give up his brand and filed
against him getting his trademark. The costs to obtain a legal team in excess of $400,000 to defend
himself was out of the realm of possibility. The belief in himself and his brand kept him pushing forward
and never giving up. With the odds stacked against him, he began studying law for 18 hours a day to
represent himself, losing friendships and his girlfriend in the process. With a combination of stress,
anger and despair, Lee lost everything to push forward, despite having to go hungry and sleep in his car.
Quitting was not an option.
Deceit is only one word to describe the strategy Flynt’s lawyers attempted numerous times. Tactics
including but not limited to: agreeing to terms, only to type up something different in hopes Lee would
sign anyway; laughing on the phone saying they are going to steal his business; giving the constant run
around and stretching the truth tightening timelines to make it near impossible to meet.
Unfortunately for them, Lee was motivated beyond anything to win and own what is rightfully his.
Driving across the USA, from Ohio to LA and back (2300 miles one way) just to meet a deadline. Lee
would end up driving to LA 4 times (over 18,000 miles) Drive to Buffalo to try and settle, and back to LA
for mediation (a 2700 mile trip).
3 years……3 years of going hungry, losing everything to keep fighting for something he believed in.
Ironically, to be met with force from someone who cries ‘Freedom’. Perhaps freedom is only relative to
those they specifically want. In the end, Lee was triumphant but not without some losses.
The brand is being re-built and re-launched, but this has been a slow process due to all resources being
depleted, having to defend his brand.
New Beginnings!
Everyone hustles at some point in life, can you relate?
American Hustler-the premium quality brand that refuses to quit.
Are you an American Hustler?


    American hustler is a premium clothing brand of the highest quality. The go to apparel line for Hustler’s who work hard to achieve the American dream. 

Our Team

  • Lee Brett

    Lee Brett


    Lee is the instructor for APA, the world's largest pool league. https://poolplayers.com/instruction/lee-brett/
    Lee has also coached and advised the Hong Kong National Team & many top players including John Morra, Shane Van Boening, Darren Appleton, Corey Deuel, Jennifer Barretta and many others.
    Lee is known in his field as one of the world’s top billiard coaches, with a record to match with the success his players have achieved. Author of The Secret Art Of Pool instructional DVD & book series. Lee was the referee for bonus ball & has commentated for the US open 9 ball championships.

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